Monday, 17 October 2011

A short update - Sons of medusa

Righto, due to various things happening this week here is a very short update on my Sons of Medusa army painting task thing. Never fear, a bigger painting update will occur tomorrow on the other not so green project.

Scouts! Yes good old sniper rifle scouts. Its seems to be the season for scouts, although i didn't paint these on pain medication.... unlike some PEOPLE I MIGHT NAME

But seriously, follow the link, my friend has been doing a damm fine job of his scouts and they look quite neat with those funky helmets he got them (Watch this space as I made puppy dog eyes when i saw those helmets and he gifted me a few.... BOO YAH).

What to say about these guys.... well they aren't finished for one. The original paint job is 8 years old and I only touched them up a bit. The new thing was the camo cloaks..... and well they look ok i suppose.

This sculpting this is a tricky tricky skill to learn. I'm thinking of redoing them in a more mottled DPM style. Like these awesome pants here.

I think those pants are perfect urban camo.... i like to wear them around the office and attack people as they go to use the photocopier.....

Anyway, this is only half a squad and I need to get some more snipers to finish it off. Sadly, that will be some time as i have pledged not to stock up on new models until I paint what i have at my disposal.

So this week will be working on those three tanks. I hope my dear chum finishes off his weathering guide as part one is good and the final results i've seen are amazing.

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