Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sons of Medusa - Progress report

Time to show you what i've got done so far on this Sons of Medusa project.

Sternguard Squad 

First up, was the first squad I painted, a unit of Sternguard. So called because they are staunch and all that.... not because they hang around at the back of ships...... no sir.
Ok, so they do tend to hang around the back of the battlefield, but they could be described as dead shooty (especially if you are the orkoid persuasion)
The squad consists of six Sternguard led by a veteran serageant armed with a power weapon. I've also included four combi-meltas in the squad and plan to mount them in a razorback. (I happen to have a retro Razorback with a lascannon and plasma guns that i can fix up)

The squad contains a number of conversion jobs, in fact all but one model has some for of sculpting or conversion.

The sergeant is an old techmarine model, all I did with him was get rid of the servor arm and give him a banner. Nothing dramtic, but he does look very thematic for a Sons of medusa army will all those bionics and pipes.

The servo arm from the techmarine ended up this this chappy here. Where I mounted a melta gun on the end of the servo arm.

I don't really care that it makes no sense as a weapon, I just think it looks cool.

The four combi-meltas in the squad should be a nasty weapon in the right situations. At close range they ahve a very good chance of killing any armoured target with one round of firing, and at 5 points a pop thats fine value.

Of course, you can't just get loads of combi-melta guys in a pack of marines so I had to convert a couple from tatcical melta guns and even a land speeder multi-melta go carved up.

One last thing to note about the squad is this guy. Who I added a book arm from a sister of battle and then sculpted a cloak on the back.

This was my first real attempt at sculpting a large part of a model and i think it turned out ok.... it kinda looks like a cloak.

Also of note is that the squad colour is red, which indicates the veterans linkage to the Mechanicum. There aren't any hard rules for Sons of Medusa squad colours, so I'm just marking each squad with a different colour on the shoulders.

So that's the Sternguard, the elite dudes in my army. I really hoped to make a characterful unit that epitomized what it means to be a bright green technophile with a thing for self mutilation. 

Tactical Squad one - Still to be named

I really should name my squads, and my veteran sergeants. I had an old squad of marines back in third edition lead by a Sergeant Brok (Who was an Advanced Space Crusade Sergeant). Brok was a serious hero and had won many games with his terminator honours, power sword and melta bombs.

I even had a little song about him I sung when he charged......  needless to say my opponents hated Sergeant Brok.... just hated his little guts.

So names are important and character is important in an army. I think this tactical squad has some character right now.

The Veteran Sergeant is another Techmarine and is armed with the Iron Warriors Iron Smith Power Fist (tm).
He checking a scanner and has all manner of cables and stuff. The rest of the squad has a smattering of bionics from the Iron Hands tactical squad set, but my favorite guy is on the right.

The full metal skull tactical marine with a snazzy bionic arm and bolter. The head is from an old noise marine model and he just looks suitably scary and deranged. A great juxtaposition of the bright green pop of the medusa colour scheme and the grim nature of the Iron hands.

Brother Uzziel - Dready number one 

I finished this guys just as I set this blog up, which is why he is in the banner on the front page.

Uzziel is an old school heavy metal dreadnought, no plastic to be found here just lots and lots of metal.

He's held up pretty well considering he came into my possession back in 1996 I believe. He was blue first, as he was purchased 2nd hand. I then painted him gray for another army, then red for blood angels, then green for my 1st attempt at the Sons of Medusa. Thankfully, he survived the paint stripping process and has been repainted from the ground up.

Oh, and the banner is a medusa head thingy. Snakes and stuff

Work in progress - Tactical Squad two

Just showing what's on the paint board at the moment. And yes, that is an attack bike multi-melta and yes I have just stuck it to the side of a marine. You got a problem with that?

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