Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I got press ganged - Cygnar update

I mentioned in a previous post that I had never met a Warmachine press ganger and had no idea what they did.

Well, now I have been press ganged and I can say the experience has been very positive so far. I've been invited to some events, even picked up on the way to one. I had a thoroughly good time playing some games against new people and am really looking forward to being part of the local warmahordes group in my home town.

I played my first games in years and won one with a desperate assassination move and lost another in a clinical display of superior firepower. However, as most of my friends will testify too I am like the Borg, defeat me once and I will learn and adapt, beating me twice with the same strategy rarely works.

It felt good to get thrashed at a wargame, it's been so long since I have been beaten badly at a game. It means there is still stuff to learn and the mental exercise was amazing.

In order to play i've dug up my old Cyngar models and have been repainting them. I only have four warjacks but that's enough to play a good sized game.I do need some variety though as being stuck with the same list every week will lessen my potential fun factor. 

I'm using citadel paints on these guys, and i'm painting them a  little darker than the studio armies. I much prefer dark blues to bright blues on figures. It's foundation blue, regal blue, ultramarine highlights and then a touch of ice blue mixed in the ultra blue for the final highlights.

Probably the most noteworthy things on these guys are the Cygnar swan on the Defender (big gun guy) and the Centurion (big spear guy).

The swan was done using wet blending starting from a brown/orange mix and working up through a range of yellows. The key was simply keeping the paint wet on the figure while i blended everything in. Seems to have worked out well on the larger swan, but not so well on the smaller ones.

I'm very stoked with how the black swan on the Centurion turned out. This was achieved by painted the model to finished levels first then free hand painting the swan in regal blue. I then did two borders a thick one in ultramarines blue and then a narrower one in ice blue/ultra blue mix.

One thing to note is that as i'm now playing Warmachine with an active group I should finish painting my guys over the next week. That means my Sons of Medusa will be going on the back burner until that's done.

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