Saturday, 4 February 2012

The really big news from Privateer press today - and It's not colossals

So, if you have been checking out the gaming blogs today you will have seen references and pictures of the Colosals. Super big warjacks that look amazing and will be centerpieces for both wargamers and hobby collectors.

I like them, I think they are amazing. But they are just models.

The really big news for me is in the technology space.

The War Room app for apple and android mobile devices is really the big news of the day for me.

Being able to build an army list, take it with you is a good start. Being able to record damage and effects on the cards in game is excellent. Being able to connect to another player and view their lists and damage/status effects in game is supurb.

But what makes it for me is the rules look up section with live erratas. Worried that a rule is buried deep in one of the many books and erratas? Don't want to carry a stack of books two foot high to games? You won't need to. Apparently, the app has more functionality they haven't discussed, so i'll be curious to read some reviews when it comes out.

Mobile device use is increasing dramatically and it wont be long before it's unusual not to have one. (For a 1st world gamer who can afford to spend money on model soldiers at least). That PP have recognized their is a market for this app, developed it, and are getting ready to release it shows they understand their market. Gamers are, as a rule, technology friendly. I can see this app being a must have, and in a few years a requirement at tournaments. It sure as heck beats bringing a list on a piece of a4 paper.

Here PP knows where gaming is going and isn't dwelling on where it has been.

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  1. Neat idea. It will be interesting to see how popular it becomes in Warmachine circles.


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