Sunday, 13 May 2012

The forbidden temple - Highlander list

So let me recap what this Highlander Tournament is all about

25 points
1 caster
MUST have 1 solo
MUST have 1 unit
Any number of jacks/beasts as long as there are no duplicates
No models with the character designation of any kind

So what to take?

  • Siege
  • Journeyman warcaster
  • Defender
  • Centurion
  • Charger 
  • Trencher Commandos


First up, I know Siege better than any other caster. He is pretty tough, has awesome personal firepower and a great bags of tricks. His feat is brutal, and with these limitations I expect to see some elite units and jacks on the table, halving armour should be very handy. He can deal with stealth using mage sight and ground pounder, hes hard to kill with his natural stats and foxhole, he has a knockback spell for scenarios and can grant magic weapons to his people with explosivo. In short, he covers a lot of possible threats.

His battlegroup is the Defender and Centurion. The Centurion is the meat wall, the big block designed to hold people up and to screen siege. It's really tough (Should be running at arm 24) can't be charged and hits like a mack truck. On sieges feat turn it can reliably wreck a Khador heavy jack if needed.

The Defender is a natural choice for Siege, a long range gun that benefits from explosivo and the feat and a back up melee weapon. He will be on bodyguard/sentry duty

The Journeyman caster is there to provide Arcane Shield to the Centurion (and siege if needed). Jnr also serves as a back stop as the occasional booster shot at the end of a turn can make a difference. He will also run the Charger, which 9 times out of 10 will operate on 1 focus with one boosted shot. The charger is there to harass, pick off annoying solos and generally be a 4 point speed bump.

The final selection is a grup of trencher commandos (for 5 points, using tier 1). I had thought of rangers as well, but the Commandos may add more annoyance factor. They are stealth, which may be annoying for several armies. They can also harass infantry very effectively with their grenade packs (great for high def infantry with low armour) and their daggers (great for low def, high armour, 1 wound units).

I will be playing this list this week and may include rangers to see how they work. But this is pretty close to what I will run.

Looking forward to my first away tournament, should be fun.


  1. Looks like a really solid list. Should wipe out most other armies without even trying.

    1. All well and good in theorey :)

      I think this list looks pretty sharp against a variety of threats. Don't know off hand what a terrible matchup for this list would would be.

  2. Hmmm let me think. The main thing you should just watch out for, is an assassination army that will circumnavigate your army and go straigth seige. However with your ability to ignore stealth, if you keep on the front foot and dont let them dictate the terms you'll be ok.

    Worst matchup? Someone with upkeep removal (Kreoss) and oodles of weaponmasters. Secondly someone who has access to lots of rough terrain/blobking LOS. With the excetion of your commandos, nothing in your army can get around the rough terrain, or LOS blocking schenannigans. Either/both of these things will allow them to chip at you piece by annoying piece, which says to me that you should probably brick up where possible against those opponents.

    Examples of headaches for this list. Those with the 4" templates are less of a problem
    Baldur1 - 5" forests everywhere blocking LOS & causing rough terrain
    Mohsar - Pillars of Salt blocking LOS
    Tree of Doom & sock puppet(Circle Warcaster - Forget what it is called) - Entire CTRL AREA is forest during feat
    Gaspy2 - Clouds and rough terrain within 5" of him
    Old Witch - Murder of Crows 5" cloud effect
    High Reclaimer - Clouds, clouds and a couple more clouds
    Ravyn - 4" Cloud
    The Coven - 4" Cloud
    Irusk - Inhospitable Ground - Rough terrain
    Gorten - Inhospitable Ground - Rough terrain
    Gator Warlocks with water templates
    Ehaley - Domination - she can take over your jacks and telekenisis them around. That will suck. My advice, kill the arc node, and it will make a world of difference.

    None of these are insurmountable, just things to be aware of.


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