Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Just because I'm not the Press Ganger, it doesn't make me the wench

Best gaming face ever!
Well just because I'm not a press ganger doesn't mean I can't force my friends at sword point to start playing the game or else.

Well, I didn't really do much asides from talk..... at length ...... non stop .... whether anyone wanted me to or not.... about the game for a good solid 6 months.

I think they had to join or go mad, one of the two.

Fortunately they appear to be enjoying both the hobby aspect of the game and the game itself (Which while we liked painting space marines, non of us had played a game in 5 years)

One of my friends even rebranded his Ultramarines blog so he could write about Warmachine instead. Now that has to make you feel good about the hobby (An your amazing ability to whine until you get what you want)

The three chaps have decided to play Khador, Menoth and Mercs (With a Rhulic leaning) which is pretty cool. I even helped organise their first purchases, which makes me feel like a crack dealer..... PUSH PUSH TAKE YOUR PRETTY MODELS! THE FIRST TASTE IS FREE

It felt good to have my own shops worth of models for a day, until like locusts my friends picked up their orders. 

Our bumper order

The astute amongst you will notice that a fair few of those boxes are blue. That's whats on my "to do" list right now. First up on the table is my Storm Strider.... who is rapidly approaching completion. I hope to have some pics up by the weekend.

Having the lads playing is great, it means I can share my hobby with my closest friends. It also means they wont glaze over when I wax lyrical about Feat X or Warjack Y.

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