Monday, 9 May 2016

Radlandz - A new miniatures game by me

Less than a month ago I decided to make my own skirmish game, using a post apocalyptic setting. 

I set out to keep model count low, action high, cover important, and have huge variety in units and equipment.

Well, its been a success and Radlandz now has a full rulebook weighing in at 64 pages.

Game features include

  • Estimated 60-90 minute playtime per game (once up to speed)
  • Unique Dice shifting and Dice building game mechanics. 
  • 12 group identities
  • 60 unit types
  • 100+ skills
  • 40 odd weapons
  • Full combat rules
  • 6 Scenarios (more to come)
  • Campaign rules 
  • Roster and group record sheets.

Alpha testing experiences so far

Testing is still at its early stages, but the first 5 games have been quite an enjoyable experience for all involved. The game seems to have a relatively "epic" feeling to it for a skirmish game, and each game has produced at least one memorable moment.

I attribute much of this to the unique wound system that allows characters to sustain multiple hits, without requiring a "damage boxes" or "hit point" system. When a character is damaged, they suffer a wound penalty, and that adds to later damage rolls. But if the character receives the same type of wound again, it does nothing additional. So a model may be wounded countless times before that final good hit takes them out.  

Glancing shots rarely kill in this system, but they make follow up attacks deadlier. But even the toughest model will eventually succumb to small stabbing blades as well.

And sometimes, you roll enough hits to kill someone outright. Normally an experienced melee fighter vs a mook, or someone standing in open ground in front of a machine gun. While you can survive a number of glancing hits, direct hits are still lethal.

Shooting will rarely win you a game out right. Shooting allows you to injure models and pin them, allow your assault to be more deadly.

This is working exactly to plan, as I wanted a game with tactical shooting, but not one where "planet bowling balls machine gun legion" would be dominant.

Guns aren't just for show, but knives are certainly for pros. 

What is next

A lot more internal alpha testing to come. And I still need to write systems for weather and hazards, neutral creatures, and a few more scenarios. 

I also need to seriously proof read and edit the damn thing. 

I'm aiming to get a couple of beta test groups in my local community to try a blind test of the rules as well. 

Oh, and i'll be doing a series of these posts on the game mechanics and the rationale behind each one.

Thanks to

The initial alpha test team of DJ Ekim, Megapope, Arvald von Kuggenstein and the Millernator, for actually wanting to play this contraption while it is still a horrific mess. 


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Frank. Stayed tuned for more updates.

  2. Have you thought that once the rules are complete, setting it up to get an official release as a Kickstarter? It definitely looks worthy of such a project.

    1. That would be pretty cool. Ideally I want a budget version virtually ready to play for general sharing. The Kickstarter would be to make a "flash" version with art and possibly printed out.

      Long way away from that though, as I want to get the game somewhat "good" first before throwing it to the wolves (And by wolves, I mean the gaming community)

  3. Hi V,
    Any chance you want to share a copy with me? I'd be happy to play test it this long weekend with my mordheim group and let you know how it goes.

    1. Check here,

  4. Going to jump on this as well, if that's cool - especially when von Kuggenstein makes his way back to Olde Londone Towne :)

    1. I dunno, I like Von Kuggenstein in his cage right where I can see him. You folks in Londone towne can have him back when i grow weary of him, but not before.

    2. That seems fair.

      Don't let him bite you.

    3. That reminds me, I need to get a ginge vaccine booster shot, cheers.


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