Tuesday, 14 February 2012

In Morrows name!


It feels like I have been painting this unit for an eternity. The underpainting worked well on them, the armour is pretty much only a light chainmail coat and some ink. I also felt the underpainting helped with the white cloaks, if only to help me with shading and highlighting.

The shields are a second attempt. I had to rip them off and bathe them in dettol to remove the original, ineffective paint job. I had this idea of doing them as a sunburst, with red in the middle radiating out to yellow on the edges. It really didn't work out at all, so I went with a dark gold look instead.

The bases are also done differently, as Precursor Knights aren't technically 100% Cygnar units I wanted to make the designation clear. So I picked yellow for the front and a dark blue for the back. The writing on the front says "For Morrow" in the Cygnar language.

For final touches I also used some weathering powder to dirty up the cloaks a little.

Now I have to assemble something to paint..... I wonder what it will be. I'll give you a clue, the next model comes from the minions book.


  1. I don't know what your first set of shields looked like but I like the dark gold. The maces look nice in the dark gold. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sort of a sunburst effect.

    like this http://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_approve/16209958/2/stock-illustration-16209958-explosion-sunburst-starburst.jpg

    It really wasn't working though, so much so I had to strip them and go again. Im quite happy with the deep gold, im partial to that look.

    Its Tin bitz, shining gold and the sepia ink. Mix for effect, but the ink gives it the rich reddy tones.... i miss the old chestnut wash though it was perfect for the effect

  3. If you really like the old chestnut wash... here is a hint you can still get it in the Vallejo Game Color Sepia Ink. (which is different from Game Color Sepia Wash, that mimics the new GW wash)

    1. Sounds like a good idea. One stink thing about living in NZ is most store carry only the Citadel range, some the tamiya or humbrol ranges, and a few the valleyo flames of war range. Valleyo game colour and P3 I ahve to order from overseas.... which is not the best for something as small as paint


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