Thursday, 22 September 2011

Getting Ready for War

Well, here it goes. I’m starting up this blog to record my modelling and painting hobby.

The intent is to provide and ongoing record of what i’m painting or putting together at any given time.
However, I will also be posting up images and comments about older projects, simply because they need a home on the internet

First things first though, I need to figure out how to use this site (Thankfully Ms. Vomkrieg is a veteran blogger and can yell random instructions at me in a style similar to the cook in downton abbey).

Secondly, I will put up pictures and comments on my current project. A Sons of Medusa army for Warhammer 40,000

Then I will start showing my back catalog of projects. This includes my painted boardgames (Axis and allies, War of the Ring and others).

Props to Bellum Malleus and the Megapope for giving me the motivation to get this thing going.

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