Sunday, 25 September 2011

Master of the Forge - Sons of Medusa HQ

What happens when you combine the following models into one terrible gestalt? (yes gestalt is a word, look it up)
  • An Attack Bike
  • An old 2nd edition predator
  • A old 2nd edition Baal Predator
  • A land speeder
  • A blood angels techmarine
  • A cyclone terminator (2nd edition)
  • A Iron Warriors warsmith
  • A chaplain bike
Well simply put, you get the following.

A bad ass Master of the Forge on an attack bike with an epic conversion beamer. 

I am really looking forward to fielding this guy in a game. Every army needs an HQ choice to lead it, and I can't think of a more appropriate choice for the Sons of Medusa than this.

If your wondering where all the parts went ill explain. The chassis is obviously the attack bike. The blood angels techmarine torso forms the rider with the Iron warriors Iron Smiths servo arm on his back.

The Chaplain on bike gives us the wonderful winged front to the bike.

The old school cyclone terminator contributes the left hand that is functioning as a targeting device for the conversion beamer.

The Land speeder contributes the communications aerial at the back of the bike. (My land speeders are munted and have been consigned to the bits box of the damned).

The Baal Predator adds in the triangular armour plates that appear below the cannon on the front of the model.

The old school predator adds in the cupola and cannon that forms the conversion beamer itself.

I used green stuff to make the funnel on the end of the conversion beamer. It's not a perfect job, but making a funnel out of green stuff is a very very annoying task.

The last thing left to do with this guy is mount him on a base. I popped into GW Wellington earlier this week and grabbed a set of bases to use. The pack comes with some 40mm bases, some bike bases, some regular bases and a 60mm base.  I wanted to put him on the 60mm base but its just too small. I may leave him unbased for the time being.

Oh, the big cable out the back of the conversion beamer into the bike is a guitar string. 

Not my most amazing paint job of all time, but certainly the most conversion work I've done on a single figure. I may return to this guy later and do another level of highlights and detailing. Until then hes going on the shelf of honour in the games room.


  1. Bwahaha! Dude that is awesome. I love wacky conversion pieces. That guy is going to be a total boss on the table.

    The only bit that stands out to me paint job wise that could really do with some touching up is the white lightning lines on the main weapon. Even then I imagine it will look fine down on the table. If you've got the inclination you could maybe try thinning down the lines a bit using some blue paint?

    Great jawb though. Makes me want to come up with something outlandishly awesome too. I did see a guy who'd done up a Grey Knights Dreadknight model as an Ultramarine Dreadnaught... :D

  2. Yeah needs a few more touches until i'm happy with it 100%. the lightening needs to be done better i would agree.

  3. Admit it, you just wanted to make a Dalek.

  4. Actually, I really wanted to make a cnversion beamer on a bike because the idea is just ridiculous.

    However, I do know of a dalek 40k player


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