Thursday, 29 September 2011

Look what I got right here


I lurked around on trade me for a while, got some solid advice from CMcD and RHRD about what to get in the way of air brushes and compressors and finally snapped up a bargain.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to use the dam thing properly. I've plugged it in and had a bit of a play but im sure there are many tricky things to be done with this.

One thing I will not is that it's quiet, really quiet.

I had been led to believe that compressors are the nosiest things on earth, but this? This sucker here is about as loud as the microwave when its on.

The bonus air brush was a nice surprise as well.

Its top loaded, which feels easier to use than the ones with tubes from a bottom filled cup.

And the controls are amazing.

The control stud (Phwoarrr) allows you to change the position of the needle as you work without having to fiddle around with the nozzle like my old brush (Which may end up being free to a good home if anyone wants it)

I have a rhino/razorback to paint up who will be the first victim of my new air powered offence

So, shopping online for a compressor looks like a good idea if you can get a good deal. Just ask someone who knows a bit or hit some forums before making a decision on what tool is right for you



  1. I've watched some awesome air brushing videos and seen some really neat blending techniques with those bad boys. I might have to eventually look into getting one.

  2. Feel free to pop around and have an experiment with the device first. I get the feeling there are many techniques to air brushing as regular painting, so it's kind of like starting again at stage one.


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