Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How do you solve a problem like Battle Sister Maria?

So these sisters have been sitting in a box for a long long time  at my folks place in storage.

I didn't paint them

I don't actually own them

But they are at my house and the owner doesn't want them anymore. So I guess ill keep them.

Long story short they were a friends army who played a small bit but got a lot of models, he gave up the hobby and gave all his stuff away. We all forgot I had them so they stayed in a box for nearly a decade.

So, I reckon I should resurrect them and give them a new lease on life. 

The first thing to note is that they aren't well painted.

Actually, its a pretty ordinary job if you don't mind me saying. This is from a guy who claimed to be a GW store guy and an expert painter. He charged good money for this paint job.

I would be stunned if any GW trained person turned in a job like this.

So, what to do?

Should i keep them as is and use them as a reserve army?

Should i retouch the paint scheme, try and give it some more detail and depth?

Should I strip them back and repaint them in a new scheme?

Chances are, it will be the latter

Using the handy dandy sisters of battle painter on bolter and chainsword I came up with he following first idea for a new scheme.

Any thoughts and feedback on this would be appreciated. 

Of course, megapope will be super glad to point out i'm suggesting a blue paint scheme. As though painting a model blue is a virtue of it's own.


  1. Painting a model blue is TOTALLY a virtue on it's own! Blue highlights up beautifully well, plus you don't currently have anything in that range of colours, so they'll stand out very nicely from the rest of your collection.

    Looking at that scheme, I kinda feel like it needs a trim of some other colour... I don't want to suggest gold since that's even more Ultramariney, so maybe a touch of deep bronze trim, really reddened up with some ink or something?

    I'd have more ideas but I tried messing around with the sister painter and the stupid thing kept crashing on me.

  2. Not a bad idea that.

    Im also thinking the white cloak could be edged with something. Not sure what though


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