Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What does the scouter say?

His power level

It's over 9000!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, When i started this blog I joked with friends that if I got 9000 views, I'd make a post about it. I'm a little surprised at how quickly it has happened and how viewership of the blog has increased. From 160 views in the first month, to about that every day or two at the moment.

So what does the future hold for Vom-Krieg

More models 

Still to come are some Rangers (they are done, just need a non rainy day for photos) Some Solos, Gallant, Blaize, more Warjacks and Sam and the Devil dogs.

More Boardgames

I still haven't shared my painted versions of War of the Ring and Battlestar Gallactica!


A NOOBS guide to Warmachine has been really popular. So I'm going to continue it as a short series, until I run out of ideas or its stops being informative and just becomes a pile of dross.

More "How to lose at Warmachine"

My quest to not suck at Warmachine will continue to be reported. Join me in my dismal efforts to not suck more than a Michael Bay film.

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