Wednesday, 7 March 2012

More experiments with underpainting

Just a quick picture update as I experiment with underpainting a bit more, if you don't know what that is check this previous post 

Here is a ranger after just one watered down layer of dark angels green. The desired effect of the underpainting providing the shading has worked really well. I hope to have these guys finished this weekend... stay tuned


  1. doesn't look too bad, I'm interested to sese how it turns it out I may have to try it on a malifuax crew. Deciding on where to highlight and shade is an obstacle for me so I'm hoping it turn out nice.

    1. It's a great shortcut thats for sure and if your having trouble picking out what to shade and highlight its a great guide.

      I for one am keen on having my models painted to a good, but not "OMG" standard, that way I can play with painted models without spending every hour of every day painting.


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