Monday, 12 December 2011

Werewolves ate my baby - How to lose at warmachine

So it’s the forces of Cygnar are taking on Fangface the crime fighting werewolf and friends. (Those of you who understand the reference are officially old, those who don’t should go to you tube to learn just how bad kids cartoons can be)

Wait sorry, not Fangface this is the Circle of Orboros. Not the circle of Ouroboros because that would make them the Circle of the Circle…. which would be kind of daft.

So what are the 720 degrees mobile team about? Well, from my limited exposure to them they seem to be a Celtic druid fanboys wet dream. That or this is what PETA think they should really be like.

I think legendary rockers Spinal tap can sum up the Circle of Orboros way better than I can.

So, I was up against Matt and his force of Wolves, Barbarians, Druids and teleporting Stonehenge’s. (Yes, they have Stonehenge’s that teleport….. what’s wrong with that?). Matt’s a seasoned veteran and I had no idea what half his dudes did, he politely explained them to me. Sadly, my brain was in sleep mode and most of that went out one ear.

Before I get into it this is probably the worst game I’ve played. I forgot basic stuff like that Warlocks can transfer wounds. Not making too many excuses, but I think I was a bit out of it.

Anyway, the LIST

pStryker with Squire
Centurion, Ol Rowdy, Lancer
Journeyman with Grenadier
2 Trencher Chain guns
10 Long gunners with UA
6 Sword Knights
Trencher Master Gunner

Now it pays to note that I had 3 units that could place down AOE templates that could cause advancing infantry problems. Did I use a single one during them game? No I did not. Why you ask? Because I completely forgot about this.

The Game

I set up and them promptly lost…..

Oh wait did I spoil the surprise?

Yeah, not much to write about this one, I deployed badly, splitting my forces in a dumb way. I didn’t advance far enough towards the objectives and was genuinely outplayed at every turn.

Several things messed me up and I’ll sum those up here.

This is a warbeast..... apparently
  1. I had no defence against a Fast moving stealthed unit. I ended up moving Ol Rowdy out to deal with them, but all that did was break up my force.
  2. The teleport stones and placing units. It really doesn’t matter if your centurion can’t be charged when they can place a Warp wolf right on top of it.
  3. Shooting! I was quite surprised at just how good some of the shooters in the circle army were. Especially the warbeast that doesn’t look like a warbeast.
  4. Hit and run. I had nothing that I could easily counter the circles mobility with.
  5. Lots of clouds blocking me from shooting his dudes.

Did I learn many lessons from this game? Not really, I played pretty poorly and didn’t pay attention while I was playing. I don’t know if I was out of it or what, but the game was over and one with in about 60 minutes, and at no point did it look like anyone but Matt was going to win. 

This guy kicked my ass

I’ve read up a bit more on the circle since then, and hopefully next time I play them I pay a bit more attention to what’s going on. 
Focus, dammit Focus

Well, this brings us up to speed with where i'm at with Warmachine. This game was three weeks ago, and I've been a bit ill and missed some weeks of Warmachine. This week I should be back into it.

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