Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Protectorate of Menoth - For Paul

So many years ago I played some Warmachine with a good friend of mine by the name of Paul. I offered to paint his Menoth guys that were lying around unpainted, I was being good natured and I was also poor and had no models to paint.

Five years later I found them in a box and finished off the paint jobs..... thankfully I still talk to Paul so he will pop around and pick them up at some point.

I tried a slightly different Menoth scheme, very much inspired by the Dark Angels traditional colours. I think it looks alright, I've always found the pinky colour on Menoth a little washed out and blah. Bases were done with sand and a little bit of tussock, also painted the Menoth runes on an orange/brown background.

Pretty stoked with the freehand menofex on the left warjack, although he is way darker than the others for some reason. 

Comments? How would this scheme look across a Menoth Force?


  1. Also, props to Chris O for giving me the stat cards for these guys in Mk2. I'll demo the game when Paul comes to pick his guys up.

  2. Definitely like the green. I always thought they needed something to balance out all the warm tones, and I think this works quite nicely.


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