Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sculpting a Cygnus

So, I really wanted to do some sculpting and the idea that came to me was to convert my Ironclad into Ol Rowdy. That shouldn't be too hard I thought, Ol Rowdy is just an Ironclad with a Cygnus and a shoulder guard right?

Wrong, dead wrong

Once I actually handled an Ol Rowdy and saw just how massive he was I abandoned the idea. But, I had already started sculpting so I've decided to make keep this guy as is so I can tell one heavy Warjack chassis from another.

I think the Cygnus came out pretty well, especially once it was painted up.

The lessons learned from doing this are

1.) Let the green stuff harden up for a while before starting to sculpt. Onc its mixed its really really "tacky" and fracking hard to work with
2.) Keep you clay sculptor moist.
3.) Draw the thing you want to sculpt to scale on a bit of paper you can reference easily.
4.) It doesn't have to be perfect. If it looks good from a foot away its probably perfect for the table.

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