Monday, 9 April 2012

Descent - Road to Legend (Half way report)

Road to Legend is going well and we have just completed the Bronze campaign level and are half way through silver. 

First up, bronze treasures aren't that good. The heroes struggled mightily in the early stages of the campaign. And only once we hit silver did they start feeling like they could go toe to toe with the overlords minions.

Upgrading a unit of monsters to silver while the party is still starting gives the overlord a huge edge. The heroes got totally sick of  my sniping silver skeletons and silver sorcerers/dark priests. With only a few hero upgrades and bronze treasures these guys were really really tough for the party to deal with.

The overlord clearly has the edge at the start and some dungeons have been horribly one sided. The LT's have been daunting for the heroes, and I have used them well. Trashing 4 cities by the mid part of silver difficulty.

The first dungeon on silver difficulty, where they still had bronze treasures and I had upgraded one group of monsters to gold was a bloodbath. With the overlord scoring 3 to 1 in conquest. After this the players took multiple turns to upgrade dice and skills and get silver treasures and the pendulum seems to have swung. I'm holding even with them on the most recent dungeon but I don't think its long until the heroes have the upper hand.

That being said the score is still very much in the overlords favour at this time.

Still, we have been playing since the start of the year and having a pretty good time of it. The natural conflict of the game hasn't been an issue. The party taking their licks whens I smash their heroes to death, and I feel I have been gracious the times when they have stomped my face into the ground. I would not suggest this game to people who need to "WIN ALL THE TIME". As the heroes, you will die a lot, get used to it. As the overlord you can't ever stop the heroes, you can just make them pay for every inch they gain.

Here are the guys hamming it up for the camera. (The direction was to look like an old "White Dwarf kids playing 40k in the store" action shot)


  1. That impression is helped by the Space Hulk and Blood Bowl boxes behind them.

    Not enough mullets though.

  2. Also, need more acne and a local gamestore guy in a red shirt looking so excited to be playing with children that someone really should alert the cops.


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