Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cygnar - Long Gunners


Long gunners are a pretty solid unit for Cygnar and one that i've never played without..... this is probably due to not having a lot of models until recently, but I can see their utility in most forces.

What do they do?

Well, long gunners don't do melee. They really really suck in melee, like so bad in kinda comedic.

What they do do is stay at long range and shoot things a lot. They can fire twice if they stay still and can combine fire on targets which allows you to double them up to kill high defence targets or fire as a total group to damage even heavy warjacks and beasts.

The officer and banner attachment allow you to place covering fire templates, fire through your own guys in "British empire style" firing drills, and reroll morale checks.

All in all a good solid long ranged infantry unit that can engage almost any target from range with good efficiency.


Long gunners are surprisingly fiddly models to paint. They have a bronze cuirass, lots of straps and pouches and a gun they tend to hold close to their chests. All in all, I did not find these guys a joy to paint.

The banner bearer however was fun. That pre molded banner with the Cygnus was so much fun and really easy to shade and highlight. Plus it will look pretty cool on the field.

I also topped the models off with my Cygnar runic bases. It's a good idea to show a models front arc, and decorating it isn't a bad idea. I really like how it turned out.

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