Sunday, 30 September 2012

Epic Caine

Gun Mages are pretty damn awesome. Probably the most iconic Cygnar unit and certainly a major point of difference between Cygnar and other armies.

They also look distinct, nice renaissance looking jackets, peaked hats and glowing pistols. Very much "Three musketeers meets the wild west with magic bullets".

I really like the epic Caine model, hes just all kinds of awesome with his dramatic pose and custom base.

I didn't really try anything too complex on the paint scheme. I probably should go back an do some more work on the Cygnus on the rock, it looks pretty bad photographed and makes me think its incomplete.

Really happy with how the magic bullets turned out though, that's mostly just dry brushing progressive layers of lighter and lighter blue. I also used the citadel drybrushing blue and white on that effect.

The yellow on the coat i'm also not 100% sure about, it's striking and easy to see, but a little on the naff side for a guy who is meant to be a complete baddass.

In game Caine is a nightmare, possibly the caster that helps his army out the least. The dude really couldn't care less about buffing his jacks and infantry. What he does do is shoot shoot shoot. As far as i'm aware he is the only model with a ranged attack rate of infinity. As long as he has focus enough to buy additional shots, he can keep on firing. Add in reinholdt and a squire and Caine can shoot 10 times a turn.


Later this week ill load up the pictures of the gun mage units I painted at the same time.

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