Radlandz Beta

This is the home for all things Radlandz Beta related. 

Current beta files are here
Updated to version 0.7 on 14/10/2016

Note, development on hiatus while I work on my Mars game. no ETA on when I will return to it. 

Current Beta instructions are to test the core rules first and foremost to see if they make sense and play well. 

I'm not too worried about game balance at this stage, its more about if the core mechanics work and make sense

Any feedback can be given here or via j.vomkrieg@gmail.com

Note that I don't own any of the art in the book and will be contacting artists before publication. Also, a lot of the art is placeholder material If any of your art is being used in the book, please contact me. 

Developer diary

Initial ideas
Games that inspired the system
Core dice system
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Misc posts

Scenery Stage 1


  1. Hey - a friend and I are looking forward to giving this a go in a couple of days. I wanted to confirm that the items in the Civilized roster as 'looter' are intended to be labelled as 'mechanic', and also that the items are correct (they are identical to the ones available to looters, which seems odd).

    Cheers! Dan

    1. Cheers. And thanks for the email. it prompted me to update the rulebook with our playtest feedback to date


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