Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Radlandz Scenery - Step 1 getting some terrain sorted.

So, in order to take testing for Radlandz to the next level, I have decided to splash out on some scenery and other goodies to make the game look a lot more professional, and well, more RADLANDZY. 

Fortunately for me, this was all prompted by a message from a local games supplier saying they had 30% off all battlefield terrain. And after browsing through the massive collection they had, I settled on the Mantic- Sci-Fi Ruined Quadrant. 

That's it all assembled below. 

It looked like a lot when I was looking at the pictures, but holy cow, once I got it home and opened it I was blown away. SO MANY SPRUES AND PARTS. 

The first thing I assembled, was the three story tower shown on the box. They say it only needs to be clipped together, but that felt a bit bloody optimistic to me as I struggled to get the hang of sticking things together. So the Tamiya plastic cement was deployed and I have no regrets about making the terrain permanent. 

I also picked up a small pack of 20th century terrain bits, shown in orange below. Its a nice little pack with barricades, picket fences, stop signs and other very contemporary bits of terrain. 

After i felt more comfortable with assembly, I decided to make buildings that looked nothing like the ones on the box cover. I'm personally quite proud of my ruined barn and it should be a nice piece for the board. 

Radlandz needs a lot of terrain to work effectively, as its a cover based game. I also wanted the terrain to look familiar yet ruined. And the setup below shows a bombed out street

 I also wanted interesting visuals as the game uses true line of sight, so getting down and looking at model level should be interesting.

This is simply stage 1 of 5 planned stages for building the Radlandz terrain. 

This week is stage 2, spray undercoating all the terrain

Stage 3 should happen on Friday and Saturday, and that's where i use my recently repaired airbrush to base coat all the terrain. 

Stage 4 is detail work, and i'm employing the services of my Radlandz testing crew to come around, grab some brushes, and do some details on these buildings. Chances are we wont get them all done in one day, but I hope we really break the back of it. 

Stage 5..... well that's a secret :) 


Pretty stoked with this purchase, can't wait to test them out for real. 
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