Saturday, 28 June 2014

Aiyanna and Holt - NEW CAMERA

So I manged to get my hands on a really flash camera. Also, the lovely Ms. Vomkrieg has recently been on a Photography course. So, hopefully i can pick up some of the skills shes learned.

She took some photos of Aiyanna and Holt as well as some random shots of my models.

The Horrible thing about a good camera is it shows all the imperfections in more details than you can sometimes spot with the naked eye. 

Honestly, I thought these looked pretty good on the table, but under SUPER CAMERA VISION, you can see all the little imperfections.

Stylistically, I wanted these two to stand out on the batttlefield and picked what i thought was an unusual colour palette. The green and orange are also contrasting, yet complementary colours.

In a sea of Blue and Gold, this tandem should stand out (bt they won't too much due to MAGICAL STEALTH!!!!)

Oh, bonus "stylistic X-Wing shot" to show off how cool the camera is. 

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