Thursday, 7 December 2017

Scythe - Complete

So, I finally decided the paint something for the first time in..... i dunno.... forever! Almost entirely motivated by the fact I got my airbrush working again, so base coating and undercoating is now rather painless. 

I put a poll up on the solo-boardgamers group and asked "what game should I finish off doing", because I have about 10 in partial completion and just haven't finished them off. 

Until today. 

All airships were base coated using an Airbrush, which made them take less time to paint than one of the mechs. Anyway, enjoy! 


  1. Very nice. It’s a shame the airships don’t have as much variety as the walkers, but I like your paint schemes.

    1. I read that each sculpt and mold costs a fair bit, and 7 unique ones for an expansion would have ratcheted up the cost a fair bit, which is why the passed on it.

      I made sure each one was a little different, but barely scratched the surface of how much you could really make them distinct.

      Flags would be cool as well.


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