Monday, 10 September 2018

February's board game reviews - Catching up on posting here

So, since moving away from blogging, i've been running a you tube channel, and its doing quite alright. Figured I might actually cross post the content here. 

This war of mine

Empires of the Void 2


Salvation Road

Dead of Winter/The Long Night

51st State - Master Set

Arctic Scavengers


Zombicide Expansions

Euphoria: Build a better dystopia

Fighting Fantasy


  1. You must be getting sick and tired of me asking this and I must be the only person left who cares, but when will we see more of your Horus Heresy Book reviews? They're the one thing I miss the most and want to see more of.

    1. Ha, never sick of it. Just haven't read any in ages, ive done all the ones i've read.

      Been knee deep in this particular project and its taken off.

    2. If you need the ones following Outcast Dead, I could send them down from Auckland. It's no skin off my back, and it would be worth it for what you produce in the reviews.


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