A Noobs Guide to Warmachine

A Noobs guide to Warmchine is my humble attempt to offer advice to new players of the game from the perspective of a newish player. 

Currently the guide has six parts

Part One -  An Introduction to Warmachine and Hordes

Read this to see if the game is for you

Warmachine and Hordes has a lot of options, figure out what one works for you

Some helpful advice on what things to pay attention to during your first few games. Or.... how I learned not to suck so hard. 

A quick highlight of the differences between the two systems, what they have in common and how they differ. 

A quick guide with some advice on how to put together an army list, and some of the common pitfalls new players fall into.

Considering going to your first tournament? Don't be too scared, read the helpful guide!

In addition I did some battle reports as a new Cygnar player. I affectionately called the series "how to lose at warmachine"

Truth is, the idea of me writing a series on "how to win" was such a joke I had to call it that. 

You can look through my battle reports here   

At the very least you can laugh at my feeble efforts


  1. Great article, thanks for taking the time to put this up!

    1. Cheers guys, I really should get around to doing the next part!


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