Sunday, 28 September 2014

Zombicide - More monochrome madness

As promised, here is even more Zombicide Monochrome action painting. First up, The Beserkers!

Zombies that you cannot shoot makes Phil very sad hes only armed with a shotgun.

Again, following Carmen's (master of Monochrome) advice, I went with the red/orange/yellow range for these guys. I love the monocolour effect, the best thing about it is that it is not time consuming.  Dry-brushing is your friend. 

The major difference between our paint jobs is I went for a deeper set of colours. Just a personal preference. 

A Toxic Green coalition.......   that's a truly lame NZ Political reference

Same again here, I went for deeper greens and more emphasis on highlighting the bejesus out of the flesh areas. 

On the table, I just love the look. One thing I disliked about other peoples "expertly painted" zombie hordes is that..... frankly.... it's a waste of time and effort as well as a bit blurry.

The Monostyle look means you can see what Zombies are what with a minimal amount of fuss. In addition, I think it adds to the cinematic flavour of the game as well. 

I also picked up some nice simple stack-able boxes to store the zombies in. The individual storage trays from the games are very very space consuming. Especially now the zombie count is over 100. 


  1. This is fantastic! Any chance you could tell me what colors you used for each respective zombie type? Thanks!

    1. Basic guys are black - codex grey- fortress grey - white
      Beserkers - Black - scabe red -red gore - blood red - orange (cant remember which one)
      toxics - Black - dark angels green - snot green - scorpion green - billious green

      Now quite a few of those are from the older citadel range, so i'm nor sure what the conversions would be once they rebranded their paints.

      Hope that helps


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