Talathen Sector Campaign

Welcome to the home page of the Talathen Sector Campaign. Our massive sector sprawling grand strategy star wars game that uses Imperial Assault, Armada, X-Wing and Age of Rebellion to tell a massive story set in the star wars universe.

For an overview of the campaign click here

All rules and resources for the campaign are stored on this dropbox, use as you wish but note i don't own the art or rights. 

Rules updates

Updated Logistics system

The Big map in action

Strategy phase complete setup.

Round one - First actions

Strategy phase report

Combat Missions

RPG Mission report

End phase report

Round Two - The Rebellion heats up

Strategy Phase Report

Combat missions

RPG Mission Report

End Phase report

Special report on international contributions to the campaign 

Round three - A hero falls

Strategy Phase report and combat mission 1

Combat Missions

RPG Mission report

End phase 

Round Four - I'm making a choice

Strategy Phase report

Combat Missions

Combat Missions 2

RPG Update

Round Five - The Nimbalan uprising

Strategy Phase report 

Combat Missions on Luxon

The Nimbala uprising

Round Six - The Empire Strikes back

Strategy Phase report 

The Wrath of Cahn part 1

The Wrath of Cahn part 2


  1. Please write more updates! I'm dying to find out what happens next!

    1. We are in the middle of a long story in the RPG, and our players have been having issues in personal life which has made attendance spotty. Hopefully the finale of the RPG is next week.


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