Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Star Wars Rebellion - Complete

Quick update today on Star Wars Rebellion.

Rebellion is a great game, one of the best two player lite wargames on the market, and is very comparable to War of the Ring. 

A lot of very small models, so I didn't go too crazy on the details. All I want is for them to look good on the table, not under a zoom lens. 

The Rebels were almost all done in a "brown scale" from a deep brown to beige. Now a lot of rebel units are almost white in the canon, but I wanted the pieces to look like a coherent faction, when opposed to the Imperials who were done in a "grey scale"

I personally think a few painters forget that they need to be game pieces first and foremost, and while painting units accurately is all well and good, it makes them slightly annoying to play with. 

I think I nailed a good contrast between the two factions here. 

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