Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Anachrony - Complete

Anachrony is a beast of a board game,  a massive worker placement game that deals with a unique setting in the distant future, time travel, mechs and cults.

It's a really neat game and I highly recommend it. 

Anyway, this is one of the first games i've done almost entirely with the airbrush for base colours. And boy did it save some time. Just check the video below

Anyway, here are the final products, and I went for quite different styles with each fig. 

The yellow based dude is very basic, almost entirely airbrushed with very few brush details. 

The blue squidy thing has a lot of brush effects and the first time I've ever tried doing a "verdigris" effect on a model. The lower half of the model is supposed to look like worn old copper with that blue verdigris effect, and the top slightly rusty. 

The green dude is a very standard brush job with warm greens and tans to look as organic as possible. Probably the most time intensive of the models. 

The red dude was all about the contrast between red and yellow, and he actually looks pretty boss in person.

And finally, the black dude, who is literally airbrushed, washed and given a little bit of electric blue for flavour. 

All the dudes in their storage box. 

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