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UPDATED 15 August 2012

Well, considering that Wargames supply is no more, and the only place to shop for modelling stuff in town is the local games workshop, I thought I would revisit this article.

Where to buy stuff for NZ gamers?

First up is Mark One comics and games ( Hamilton's local gaming store, I've spoken about them before and they were the store I grew up going to. I still shop there on occasion because they have good retail prices on comic books (And I buy a lot of 2000AD) and they have competitive Warmachine prices as well. Free delivery within NZ is a plus, the website doesn't have a basket so you will need to email your requests. They may not have what you want at the time, but if they do its the quickest way to get something at a good price. They also do orders. Mention the blog when you email them, Chris is always looking for new customers and may do you a first time shoppers deal.

The new comer to the list is Jambo Games. You may notice the shop is called Jambo Hobbies, well they are transitioning from one thing to the other and currently have two stores. Don't worry, the link to the store will work.

For Warmachine, these guys are the stockist in New Zealand. A great selection of product in store and they are supplied really well (They even had T-Shirts and Wreck Markers). A little light on board games and other stuff that Mark One would stock, but a very good place for Warmachine.

Prices are very competitive and delivery is free (or very cheap, I got it free at least). Also, the store is doing a lot to support the local hobby and that gets a big plus from me. If you are going to ahve gaming in store, do it properly.

Trade me is NZ ebay. I think we are one of the few places where eBay doesn't have a strangle hold on online sales. A lot of stuff pops up on trademe, mostly second hand, but a lot of people buy models (and entire armies in some cases) and never paint them, so you can get a deal if you have patience.

It's also worth noting that there are a number of people who are importing Games Workshop product from the US or the UK and reselling it online. They are selling unopened boxes for about 20% less than retail. A good business model for them, and a nice easy way for you to get your purchases for less without having to resort to international shipping.

The book depository isn't an obvious one to go to. I have to thank my friend Andy for pointing this one out. They sell gaming books and boardgames, the entire fantasy flight games range is available through book depository for a lot cheaper than I can get it in store at my local games store. Free delivery within NZ is another bonus. You have to know what you are looking for on the site, and sometimes they seem to have completely wrong images for books. I've had positive experiences ordering from here before, so I recommend it (never got games from here before, but that may chagne shortly)

Warstore is an American games reseller,  and where i got my big bulk online order from. Pretty speedy delivery and very good pricing. The range of models and books they carry is impressive as well. Everything I ordered was shipped right away and arrived in NZ about 1 week later, very well packed and no damage in the slightest. My major concern with these guys is the cost of shipping from the states, meaning you have to do a very big order for the cost of delivery to negate the savings.

If you want GW products you can't order via the basket,  you have to download an excel sheet and send them an email. GW is making it difficult for others to resell their product to OZ/NZ and this is just one of the tactics being employed to keep our market isolated and prices artificially inflated.

The issue I have heard is that if they list an item as out of stock it can take an age for them to get it back into stock. I'm wondering if this is specific to Warmachine considering the supply issues Privateer Press have had the last year or so keeping people supplied due to the massive upswing in demand. My order from these guys did take awhile, but it was well priced .

Miniature Market is very similar to Warstore. Both US companies, both good pricing but you pay through the nose for shipping. I got a big order from them and it turned up in good condition. Honestly, just do a price check between Warstore and Miniature market and pick the cheapest one after shipping.

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  1. I can't recommend Trade Me enough for the NZ buyer who doesn't mind getting second hand stuff that's in good condition. Or of course the resellers who bring in models on the cheap. Almost all of my collection is from Trade Me and it was 90% unopened new models that were resold from the UK or USA. I was also very happy with my dreadnaught though. 20% of the usual price... it only had the lascannon and powerfist combo but I was totally okay with that.


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