Friday, 14 September 2012

Courier delivery of awesomeness (100th post)

Wow, 100 posts.... that seems like a lot really.

Blogging is a funny thing, it seems no one reads some posts (30 odd views) while others have insane levels of readership (4500 views). About half my traffic comes from the "A Noobs guide to Warmachine" posts and they are still getting a number of views a day.

Courier deliver of awesomeness

I've just got my stubby webbed hands on a few new boardgames in the last few days thanks to an Amazon voucher I recieved as a Civil Union gift. (My significant other got her hands on a bunch of cookbooks with her half)

Blood Bowl Team Manager

Blood Bowl team manager looks like it could be a load of fun. Its a card driven, fast paced game of brutal fantasy football.

As a Blood Bowl fan this was a "must buy" and set me back only about $30 from Amazon.

Components are good, standard FFG quality with glossy cards and pointlessly over the top scoring dials. Looking forward to giving this a go with the lads in the near future.

Rex: Fall of an Empire

Rex is a remake of the classic Dune boardgame with a different theme pasted on top. This is due to a certain Mr Herbert being a tool about the Dune franchise and not letting them republish the game.

He owns Dune, but FFG owns the mechanics of the game.

Solution, set the game in their own setting and tell Mr Herbert to get bent.

Rex is a multi-player strategy game where all 6 sides are very different, have different win conditions and paths to victory.

This game has one of the best special rules ever. The Xc'Xha player (The Bene Geserit in the original) can win by writing down what other player will win and on what turn at the start of the game. If that happens, they win regardless. How annoyed would you be once you realised the Xc'Xha player had positioned you to win on a certain turn.

Rex also wins the award for "most over the top game component that could probably have been a cardboard marker" award for the Dreanought fleet (shown right).

Seriously, to represent a game mechanic of "this area is under attack by a random force... dont go there" they give you a massive plastic stand with 5 bloody ships on it. Its so over the top you can't help but fall in love with it.

Chaos in the Old World - Horned Rat

Chaos in the Old World is an amazing game, if you haven't played it track it down. Games Workshop have some pretty cool background materials and some pretty shitty games. This takes the cool features of the Warhammer world and turns it into an amazing board game.

I picked up Horned Rat for completions sake and to try it out with a 5th player.

I may even do some more detailed reviews of these boardgames in the near future.


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