Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What should I do next?

Well, I have a bunch of ideas for projects to do, so many in fact i may be suffering from bucket syndrome (So many things to do that i cant figure it out, its best just to put a bucket on my head to calm down).

I have a lot to paint/customise with my boardgames. If you haven't checked out my Descent, War of the ring, Chaos in the old world or Axisand Allies custom games please do.... i think they are neato :)

Here are the options, in alphabetical order. Interested in your feedback

Arkham Horror 

This wont require much effort, in fact next to no effort. All it requires is cash moneys (A lot of it) and some minor time and effort

What I want to do is pimp out my game and make it a bit more special. I've already bought a custom monster cup and made elder sign symbols.

To take it to the next level I want to buy the fully painted Arkham Investigator models ($200... ouch), get a little Cthulhu statue for a first player marker, and make some custom inlays and storage solutions for the game.

Not an epic job, but does require me making my lunches for a month so I can afford it.

Battlestar Gallactica

I started this project a long time back, and quite frankly it does the job. The models are reasonably well painted and look 100% on the table than unpainted plastic.

However, there are two things I would like to do to finish this off. One is to paint the extra fighters that came with the Exodus expansion. The second is to base the fighters and basestars on stands.

This isn't a big job and is currently a front runner for something to do that's easy to deliver and will make me feel good for doing so.

Chaos in the Old World

I love Chaos in the Old World, it's one of my many games I wish I could play more often. This is especially true as I have a fully painted set.... until now.

I just got the Horned rat expansion. And I can't bring myself to play the game with the Horned Rat if his models are unpainted.

Its only about 15 odd very small models. they are pretty mediocre quality and made of pretty ordinary plastic however. It's another short job but one that could be really rewarding when complete.

I'd also like to get some custom dice for this game with the relevant chaos symbols on them.


No seriously... I have an unpainted Descent model.

Only ONE of them

Nara the fang was a bonus model that came in my copy of Sea of Blood. It's only one model to do, but after that epic Descent campaign I dont want to go near the game for a while.

Competing interests here, my sense of completionism versus my complete burn out on Descent. Its a tricky one to resolve!

Horus Heresy

Love the setting, but probably wont get to play this head-to-head game anytime soon. 

That being said, it looks HORRIBLE unpainted. The game screams "HEY PAINT ME, I'M A BLOOD ANGEL I SHOULD BE RED NOT GREY"

I've had a go at this and painted a bit of it but there is still so much to do.

Rex- Final days of an Empire

This one is tempting, but I feel I have some time up my sleeve to get it done. It's one model (well, 5 i suppose) and it does look very very cool.

I will certainly have to paint this before it hits the table, which i hope is in a month or two.

Shadows over Camelot

This is a dark horse and quite likely to get to the back of the line.

It's not the hardest game to paint up as it has only 31 models (and most of those are little catapults)

It would also benefit immensely from being painted and the models aren't the worst on the market by any means.

I do like the game, unfortunately I do like Battlestar a lot more.

Still undecided on this, I would love to own a painted copy of this however

Space Hulk

I have half painted my set, those models I have finished I am exceedingly proud of. As far as i'm concerned they are the best paint jobs I have ever done.... period.

However, they take roughly the same time to do as Uranium 238 takes to become non radioactive.

It's another classic conflict, my desire to have AWESOME SPACE HULK vs the effort required to get the models up to this standard.

Torn on this one as well



Twilight Imperium


One of the grandest boardgames ever made and the biggest unpainted eye-sore in my collection.

Hundreds of space ships, all raw plastic. I've not even looked at this as a painting mission.

If I did, it would be on a similiar scale to my epic Axis and Allies paint job.

Big commitment with a massive pay off, another hard call

Oh, I also want to get perspex fleet movement markers.


I still have some painting to do for my Cygnar army, even if I dont buy another model in the foreseeable future.

The annoying this is its a really small amount to do.

2 casters, 2 solos, some basing and detail work on a unit or two and some wreck markers. It's just enough to take some effort as well.


So any advice, anything anyone really want to see from this list?


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  2. malifaux. you know you wanna

    1. Nope, don't really like the models, no nothing about the game but I don't like how it looks. Also, not planning on playing any mini games that require doing anything more than painting what comes in the box


  3. You are so close, you may as well finish off the Warmachine ones, then do Descent (1 model only!) then Chaos in the old world. By knocking off the smaller model count jobs first you have the satisfaction of taking entire games off this list and also gives you a regular variety of different models to paint so you dont hit the wall. After you've knocked 3-4 games off you might have a better idea of what mammoth game you want to tackle.

    PS Mike got an incredable win under his belt on Monday. it was just poetry. Richard brought a filthy should-be-hung-drawn-and-quartered-b$llsh!t list, Mike took it like a champ and got the win. Beautiful.

    1. Yep, I finished off the bases for the Gun Mages and Stormcallers this week, are half way through painting Harlan and sprayed my two new casters.

      I think Rex and Battlestar might be next, then descent and Chaos in the Old World.

      I dont have much I desperately want for my Cygnar army at this point, i'll play with what I have and then figure out what to get later on.

    2. Also, Mike was super stoked with his win. Richard makes some mean lists but he does out think himself at times and goes off his game plan. Mikes new toys are nasty and I dont really look forward to playign him again.


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