Saturday, 22 September 2012

Storm Nouns!

So finally my home town has turned on a stunning day during the weekend and I've remembered I need to take photos of things.

Seriously though, fantastic day outside here, trying to remember why I'm inside typing... OH YEAH ITS BECAUSE I SAID I WOULD MONTHS AGO!

Behold the Storm dudes in all their glory

First up I would like to mention that I deliberately set out to make these models distinct from the rest of my army. I want the Storm noun guys to have their own character and be an elite force within Cygnar. (Kind of like the SAS in the NZ Army or a Veteran Squad in a Space Marine force)

I selected a much darker blue for the Storm Nouns and decided to paint lightning marks on them free hand. Free hand is something I've been working on a fair bit lately and I'm really pleased the results. I decided not to do too many highlights on the blue and just the lightning provide character and definition.

The freehand lines are done using a pale blue first and then thinner lines mixing the blue with white until you are almost using only white. I used three to four layers on each line.

The final touch on the Storm Nouns is the new citadel blue glaze. It really makes the models shine, subdues the highlighting and freehand work so its not over the top and just finishes off the look I was after.

Another thing to note is the freehand Cygnus on the banner. This took a few attempts to get right but I think it looks pretty good. I've actually been following the instructions in the Cygnar book on how to blend the Cygnus colours, starting from brown, through orange and up to yellow. I'm quite stoked with how it all looks.

In game

In game, these guys have been very solid. the Stormclad is one of the best warjacks in the game, its reasonably fast, gets a bonus focus from Storm Knights, hits like a brick and has electro blast effects.

The Knights are a good solid multi-role infantry unit. Fully kitted (with unit attachment and weapon attachment) they are a tool box with high damage melee weapons, some AOE blasting, a little accurate long range firepower and the ability to fire when they charge. Great unit and will be the core of many forces I run in the future.


Last week, I asked "What should I do?"

I've decided to finish off the Cygnar models I currently have before starting another project. It will give me a sense of completion and give me a bunch more options when I start playing Warmachine again. People should be very afraid that eHaley and eNemo are next up to paint.

Next up, photos of the gun mages

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