Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Gun Mages - Pew Pew

I really do wish that I got to paint these guys without the horrific pressure I put on myself for A Call to Arms.

I like painting robes, the natural lines and easy opportunities for shading/highlighting are great. I really do like how the blue turned out on these guys, I dialed it up a fair bit in contrast to the dark finish on the Storm Nouns. I wanted the gun mages to say "HEY, LOOK AT ME, IM REALLY BLUE & WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?"

Overall, pretty stoked with how they look.

On to the black 13th.... which are real bittersweet models.

The sculpts are pretty cool, and the unit is very characterful. Unfortunately they are not made in the same scale as the rest of the entirety of Warmachine.

Yep, someone decided to make them in a true scale as opposed to heroic. Consequently they look like teenagers cosplaying as gun mages on the table.

It's pretty damn stupid, especially as they are one of the most feared units in the entire game.

I made some custom bases, just to elevate them so they didn't appear completely lost on the big bad battle field.

Oh, I really like the glowy effect i got on the captains hand!


  1. Looking mint Vom. I really like you arc markings. They are the biz. Are you coming up to Rallypoint in November? Would love to play you: Katie the Kraken vs Lord Stormwallis.

    1. Cheers Daryl. The arcs arent too hard to do either, the good thing about the Cygnar language is its all straight lines. Its curves that make free hand a nightmare.

      Unfortunately, I wont be heading up to H-Town for Ralleypoint.

  2. These gun mages also look like the perfect blue I want to give my army! Can I have the base color? Pleeeaase? : )

    1. I believe that is Mordian blue highlighted to ultramarine blue and then to enchanted blue. All from the citadel range, although i think they have changed the name of those colours now.


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