Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Zombicide - Heroes complete

Well, with Zombicide Season 3 coming out very soon (or now to some kickstarter backers), it's good to finally have Zombicide season 1 and 2 finished!

Now, i've never really used the Zombivor rules, and while they are cool models. I think I will pass on getting the Zombivor pack for season 3.

Well, at least until my "completion-ism" kicks in......

Now, it's actually a very interesting painting challenge to do 2 versions of the same model. You want them to be immediately recognizable as the same character, but you also want the differences between "human" and "zombie" versions to be pretty unsubtle. 

To this end, the normal models are painted in my normal "medium-level" standard. That is, no insane levels of highlighting or detail work, but tidy enough to look good on the table. Its also good to remember they are playing pieces, first and foremost, so going overboard on figures that may be treated roughly is not something i'm keen on.

The zombie versions are treated with a bit of corrosion on the skin, red eyes, less highlighting on the face, and liberal applications of "Blood for the Blood god".

Say what you will about GW, but "Blood for the Blood god" is one of the best painting tools i've ever come across. A really good example of how well it works is the model with the purple base, on the far right of the top picture. 

Now, I put liberal amounts of blood on his jeans from his gut wound. But it doesn't look like i've painted it red at all, it looks like blood does when it's on jeans, slick and dark. I can't really over-emphasize how much i like this stuff. 

Finally, I tried doing some odd detail work on these guys as well. A t-dshirt print, the racing lines on the model belows running gear, and tattoos on grimlock (with the chainsaw).

Now, when season 3 turns up, I won't feel completely behind the 8 ball on getting it painted up. 

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