Monday, 8 December 2014

Nemo, Laddermore and Jakes - Cygnar update

A quick update on my ongoing quest to paint "ALL THE CYGNARS!"

And this time, it's a bunch of new models I have never got to try out on the battlefield yet.

First up, the original grumpy old man, NEMO the first.

I painted him in exactlt he same style as the Nemo2 i've laready done. And frankly, there isn't a huge amount of difference between the 3 different Nemos. All of them are old dudes, with the same hair, holding different energy staves. 

Nemo2 has been a favourite caster of mine, and I am looking forward to giving prime a real go. I think he has some game, and anyone who can assign 5 focus to a stormwall has to have something going for them. 

Jakes was a nice simple paint scheme, although, by accident, i've managed to give her a seriously bitchy face. 

I'm actually playing through the Warmachine computer game campaign at the moment, and if Jakes ends up remote as cool as she does in that game, she will be an awesome caster to play. (Field marshall - sprint for starters!)

My first game with Jakes will probably be the upcoming "tiers mandatory" tournament i'm playing in, which will have her working with Siege and a few other journeymen. 

She looks fun, and her figure is a nice female sculpt. My partner saw her and went "this girl better be badass, because she looks badass", she was slightly disappointed to find out she was a badass in training.  

And finally, Laddermore. I really wish she wasn't 5 points, I really do. 

I mean, she is an awesome figure, and give's bonuses to Stormlances which are already pretty awesome..... but 5 points for one model is still a big investment.

She's yet to hit the table, despite me running a load of cavalry recently. In a 50 point list, i may have to include her, but at 35, she just hasn't fit in yet.

Oh, i love how her cloak turned out, yellow is such a bastard to paint but it works here. 

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