Monday, 16 January 2012

Trencher Commandos - Weathering powders

First of all, I popped into my friendly local gaming store recently and came away with some dam good weathering powders.

Flames of War - Pigment Set

This set of 6 pigments set me back $50 NZ dollars which is pretty good really (For those foreign devils in the audience that's like 14 US cents or 7 pence according to certain companies regional pricing models)

It's probably unsurprising that Flames of War have a good weathering range, being that all their stock models in the books seemed covered in mud, rust and gunk.

I also like buying Flames of War stuff out of a bizarre and misplaced sense of nationalism and kiwi pride. Even though I don't play the game I still feel good that a local game is doing rather well overseas, and is making a go of it against the big boys in the wargames market.

So rule New Zealand, Go Flames of War, RUGBY PIES AND BEER!

Ok, enough of that

So, the first models I tried out my new weathering pigments on were my Trencher Commandos. These guys needed to be dirty.

I just used a dry brush and padded some on to the areas of the greatcoats i thought would get muddy. The pigments are really potent so don't go overboard. I just brushed them out and let it spread naturally. I used the dirt pigment on the coat bottoms and a little bit of dust pigment on the tops of the jackets.

The top picture here was taken last weekend, before I got the weathering powders. You can what the coats looked like before I applied the weathering powders. It's a nice contrast.

You will also notice my scattergunner conversions in the background. More on them in a later post.


  1. Cheers! I was quite pleased for a first attempt :) Looking forward to revisiting my warjacks with dirt/smoke/metal and rust powders


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