Friday, 27 January 2012

Trencher details - Weathering and conversions

Well, I really tried some experimentation with this group of trenchers. Some of it was a sucess, some less so, i'll let you be the judge of what worked and what didn't

First up we have some fun with weathering powders. Now, I've shown these two Chain guns side by side for a comparison so you can see what they look like before and after weathering.

I got a few questions on the techniques i used to weather them , and honestly, it was all experimentation.  I grabbed an old manky brush and applied a small amount of the powder direct to the model. Instead of painting it on, which really doesn't work, I pressed it on. I sort of smearing motion pushing it out until it wouldn't spread any further. That's probably about all I can say about it really, just dab it on with a brush and smear for effect.

One thing to note is once its on it wont stick 100%, handling the model a lot will result in some of the powder coming off

Next up was creating some Trencher Commandos. I got a 10 pack of these guys, and honestly, i never thought I would field all 10 as one unit. Seems like overkill, especially as you pay the same cost for the scatter gunners. 10 Commandos for 10 points is far worse than 6 commandos and 3 scatter gunners for 9 points.

So I converted some of them into scatter gunners. I took the standard carbine that had and sculpted a round nozzle on it with green stuff.

Initially that was all I was going to do, but I thought they needed somethign extra to have them stand out. I didn't want anyone saying "OH THATS THE GUNNER, AS ITS NON STANDARD I DIDNT NOTICE"

Good luck not noticing the giant fireballs coming out of the scatterguns now!

I started by drilling a pin into the gun and gluing it in place. I then molded the green stuff around the gun, making sure I had a flower type effect around the muzzle. Not exactly pleased with the paint job on the fireballs, will look at that again in the future

Last, and least is the Trencher grenadiers. Same logic here, would rather have 6 trenchers and grenadiers than 10 trenchers. This didn't turn out so well, but at least with the paint job and the over the top grenades you cant mistake them on the table.

Right, off to my first war-gaming tournament ever tomorrow...... i'm gonna get crushed.


  1. I like those gun emplacements, very snazzy!

    weatherings good fun isnt it!

    I am now following your blog, you can follow me too at

    and join the network at

  2. Love the powdering effect on the chain guns. I think it does wonders for bringing the model to life. As for getting the powder to "stick" and stay in place so it doesn't come off during handling... that's another whole topic.

    You can try regular rubbing alcohol, but that only helps a little bit.
    Keep up the powder work, I think it takes your models up a level.

    Ron, From the Warp

    1. Thanks Ron! Missed your post with the build up to my first tournament.

      I'm just breaking the surface with weathering, a lot more to do methinks!


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