Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tournament list - Siege and the big guns!

Right, so I'm off to play in my first Warmachine tournament this weekend. I am expecting to get my butt handed to me by a hardened gang of experienced players. If I win one game out of seven I will be happy. I played my final prep game last week against Chris P and his legion of Everblight.... full report to come later this week


Anyways, this tournament is 40 points and each force must be a themed list. Not a bad tourney to start on methinks, as several optimum combination's will be excluded by virtue of lists. At least that's what I hope. We are allowed two different lists and for my first list, i'm going with my man Mr T Siege.

Sieges list is pretty straight forward, its trenchers. You get a free master gunner, discounted trenchers and advance deployment for your Defender Warjacks.

The whole force deploys far forward and can rapidly move into positions where it can dig in. The plan is to knuckle down on or near the objectives and force my opponents to move me off. It's not a fearsome close combat force, but sieges feat and the commandos sharp knives could make elite infantry very cagey.


Two Defender heavy Warjacks
Grenadier Light Warjack 
6 Trenchers
6 Trencher commandos (+2 Scatterguns)
2 Trencher Chain guns
1 Trencher Cannon
Maxwell Finn
Trencher Master Gunner

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