Saturday, 21 January 2012

America! Heck Yeah! Axis and Allies Anniversary edition

I would have said America! F*** Yeah, but kids might be reading this!

The USA is the last nation to get profiled in this series, but they are probably the one that has the highest production values from me.

I had pretty much sorted the process by this point so the USA units have advantages that the earlier nations missed out on.

The Tanks have little flags on the turrets, the aircraft have actual transfers for logos on the wings, and the carriers not only have flags, they are numbered after actual US carriers that fought in the war.

I personally love how the US bombers turned out, such a simple paint job but it really gets across the Superfortress Scheme, which is incredibly iconic. I also like how it contrasts with the hellcat fighters.

Colours used

CT Knarloc Green (national Colour and ship sides)
CT Chainmail (bombers)
CT regal blue (flag and fighters)
Ct blood red (flag)
VJ Brown Violet 887 (tanks and helmets)
VJ US Dark green 893 (us Infantry)
VJ Flat eath 983 (ship decks)

Oh and for those who were wondering the carriers are Lexington, Saratoga, Yorktown, Enterprise, Wasp and Hornet

This is not the last post in this series as I have to look at China and the other bits and pieces that made up my spangly Axis and Allies set.

I wonder how much a painted set of this would go for online?

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