Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ain't you Benito Mussolini, conqueror of Abyssinia and former dictator of italy? - Axis and Allies Anniversary

Right, continuing our look at Axis and Allies anniversay edition we come to the Italians.

I may not be 100% right here, but I believe this was the first time the Italians were included as a separate playable faction in a global scale Axis and Allies game. Previously, the Italian forces were part of the Germans.

I went for a desert camo scheme, but one that looked different and distinct from the UK 8th army scheme. On the table they are very clearly different units than the British, so I consider that a success.

The colours used were

Ct Scorched Brown (National Colour, ship sides, decks and aircraft camo)
VJ Desert yellow 977 (Aircraft and helmets)
VJ Green Ochre 914 (Infantry uniform)
VJ Iraqi sand 819 (Tanks)

Including Italy does change the game slightly.It allows the Axis to do two stage attacks against an Allied power, one force taking an area that the 2nd can run tanks through. But it also introduces the need for two tech tress. German heavy Bombers won't make Italian Bombers any better.

I really like how the Italian Air Force turned out, probably my favorite units in the whole box. Painting the insignia on the wings was also one of my first real attempts at freehand painting.

Next we will deal with the United States and its shiny shiny bombers!

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