Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cygnar Trenchers- Big guns go bang

Well, heres the first batch of new Trencher models I have prepared.

You see, there is a tournament coming up and you need to field "tiered" lists for this particular event. That means picking a theme and going with it.

As I am a fan of Mr T Siege, and I have a fair number of trenchers my first list will be "Siege - The Big Guns".

For the list I need three Trencher guns, in this case two chain guns and a cannon. I don't mind the cannon, but I think its rather expensive for what it is. The chain guns are alright, but really they are there to screen troops and provide juicy targets rather than actually kill anything.

The neat thing about a siege themed army is that the entire thing can advance deploy and dig in. That means you can get on the objectives quickly and then people have to assault you to remove you, as your shooting defence is very high and your immune to blast damage.

I also painted up the specialist trenchers (see below). The officer allows his unit to marshall a warjack and opens some more flexible tactical options with his squad. The sniper comes with the officer, and is a good long range shot, but not amazing.

The master gunner is a very useful fellow and comes free of charge in a "Siege the big guns" list. He's armed with a shotgun and can help aim blast weapons (like the cannon above).

However, the big fellow here is Captain Maxwell Finn. An expensive solo who seems to have 100 separate special rules. He has a chain gun, an armour piercing knife, can make a trencher unit faster, can improve all trenchers aim, is tough, can attack everyone in melee range, can run after killing someone in melee...... and more.... I think. I seriously cannot remember all the crap he does, but i know someone is going to shoot him in the face pretty early on in any game I play.

Next up will be some conversions and trencher commandos!

Trencher Officer, Trencher Master Gunner, Bad ass Maxwell Finn, Trencher Sniper

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