Monday, 10 October 2011

Sons of Medusa - Progress report 2

Tactical Squad two is complete.

Well mostly, I finished them off this evening but took photos of them while the light was still good.

This squad has black should pads and guns to act as Squad Marking. I'm not one to mark my squads with little numbers on knees or anything, I like to know from one side of the table what squad is what. So my markings tend to be a little ham fisted in that regard. 

The highlights of the squad for me are the guys below. The Veteran sergeant who had a prior life as an Iron warriors Iron smith, I just swapped his regular limbs for standard gear from a tactical squad pack and gave him a back banner.

This tactical marine uses some of the bionics from the Iron Hands pack and a cut down version of the Irons Smiths back back. Finally, for complete ridiculousness I made an old devastator marine in a walking melta gun. I figured that if servitors can have melta arms why can't space marines?

On to the armour pool.

Well i've got three vehicles to paint up in the next we while. A brand new rhino/razorback kit, an old school vindicator and a very very old razorback. You might notice the terrible half complete paint jobs on the Vindicator and old school razorback. Well, these were a few of the models from the original attempt to do this army.... I figure that they are still in good condition and repainting them will save me a few dollars that I could use elsewhere.
I will post more pics of these tanks in the near future once i get around to repainting them.


  1. Wow. Really shows the difference between the old and newschool tanks, huh.

    Love the dude with the cannon for an arm. I almost feel like he should have a unicycle instead of legs like Gizmo Duck...

  2. The difference isn't as bad on the table. Yes the old tanks are a wee bit smaller, and certainly less bulky but that's $140 saved by recycling. And as Sons of Medusa, I think we need to think green

  3. I've been meaning to ask, how do you get the pic thumbnails in a row and alongside a column of text like that? Is it just the template you're using?

  4. Just ensure each picture is aligned left/center/right and small enough size, then just drag the picture so it aligns with the others. I also increased the width of my blog which may help.


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