Friday, 14 October 2011

Descent - Its a big box of Monsters

Ah Descent, it's what Warhammer Quest would look like if GW ever supported their products for longer than a month.....

ANYWAY! Enough of that! We had enough of that with the Warmachine vs Warhammer review.

And others have ranted so much better than I could..... see here for additional extra spicy rant

NO! This blog is about the gaming, not the ranting.

Descent! Yes Descent, this big box game full of monsters and dungeon crawling goodness. It's what D&D was supposed to be before role-players discovered ANGST and ENNUI. (and using dots instead of hyphens in surnames)

That right, kick open the 20' by 20' room and smack the goblin over the head with your broadsword and take his chest of gold.

That's all Descent is, a big monster hunt in a dungeon.It puts on airs about being a competitive game, but really its an excuse to get treasure, kick monsters and then slay a dragon! WHAT FUN!

The plan with descent was never to master class paint the monsters. The plan was to have a painted, functional set done in the two weeks leave i had one Christmas. Yes, this was a Christmas gift.... and yes I got it for myself (ANGST and ENNUI again?)

Anyway, here's what happens when you have a tight time frame, lots of models and simply spray, basecoat, ink, and drybrush your way to a painted collection. Even the bases, which don't look half bad were a simple 4 colour blob process done assembly line styles.


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  1. Oh man I totally want to play through a Descent campaign now.


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