Saturday, 18 October 2014

Kapiti Tournament - Coming back out of retirement

Ok, so i'm a fickle bitch.

I play a lot of games and sometimes I can go off a game for an extended period of time. I basically haven't play since the NZ Nationals in mid 2013. I put this down to several things, but the two biggest ones are burnout and other shiny things to play with. 

Another biggy is that I cannot force myself to paint if i'm not in the mood to do so. I like playing with painted models and I like trying out new and different units and combinations.

You won't see me turn up with the exact same list twice. 

So, the kapiti event is a one day/casual tournament. Four games at 35 points and I've decided to play casters i have never played before. (well, i've played Kraye once in a casual game a year ago)

After deciding to play about 3 days ago I put together some lists and noted i needed to paint a bunch of models in one week.

Here's my work in progress on Kara and Kraye. Still some details to do, but i'll probably come back to them after I've finished painting the rest. 

Now in my list of models to paint before the event are a full unit of Storm lances. I really was stressing about how long they would take to do, so i figured I could cheat a little. 

(Thunderhead is here because he also needs to be painted, but not for this tournament)

My scheme for storm-nouns is predominately blue, so i tried using the airbrush to uundercoat. And after about 2 years of failing to get the brush to work at all well, it worked a treat this time. (Thank you you tube)

I feel that even if i'm really pushed for time I can add a few details to these guys and they won't look completely awful. Plus, i probably saved myself hours of work undercoating 5 lances, both laddermores and 5 jacks like this.

Before next Friday i'll update on my progress, hopefully 5 finished Blazers, 5 lances, a Hammersmith, A hunter and the two casters will be done. Gonna be busy.  


  1. Casters are looking good, any chance of more views of Sloan? I really want to convert mine like you have and want to see how you did it

    1. Yep, when i'm finished with Sloan i'll go into detail about the conversion. Man, I hate the pose she is normally in, its just so weird and fiddly.


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