Saturday, 8 February 2014

Cephalyx faction for Warmachine - Video and first thoughts

Click to watch Privateer press launch video

OK, I must admit to not being entirely excited at the idea of a Cephalyx faction. However, after watching this video and hearing what the faction will be like, I'm willing to admit that they sound pretty cool. 

For those of you who aren't aware the Cephalyx have been in Warmachine for a while. They have been mercenary allies that Cryx have been able to take. before this release they had two units. One, a small group of mind controlling chaps like the one below. And the other one mind controlling chap and a bunch of mooks called drudges. 

Am I evil? Yes I am. 

The Cephalyx are your classic subterranean mind controlling evil slave race, like Morlocks and Mind Flayers. The imagery is very much in line with evil nazi scientists combined with the dudes from Hellraiser. 

The faction is described as being one consisting of three major elements. 

Drudges - shock troops, meat walls and beatsticks there to be used an abused. 

Cephalyx - Manipulators and controllers, it sounds like there will be a lot of solos and UA's that can exploit your drudges to your advantage

Monstrosities - Big slabs of meat that take the place of warjacks. 

This combination sounds like it could be a lot of fun to play. 

It's also going to a merc contract, so I wonder how many of these guys will be usable in a cryx list? 

Not warbeasts at all, more like warjacks

So monstrosities are mostly like warjacks, they don't use fury and they don't frenzy. I'm curious to see how many abilities this nullifies on them, as I imagine its quite a few. (I see yet more things immune to disruption......

They note this in the video, but ill draw some more focus to it. They have low points costs, pretty ordinary stat's and a bucket load of hit boxes. 

These things will take a pounding, and at 6-7 odd points they are pretty respectable. I'd expect to see more than 1 or 2 in a list, that's for sure. 

They have only shown one caster, but hes a doozie.

8 focus, telekinesis, arc noding monstrosities and a feat that sounds like it could be "telekenetic" in nature. They also hint at influence and a morale breaking spell. 

Not only that, the figure is simply amazing. 

Anyways, considerably more excited for this now that i've seen the models and heard a little bit about the faction.

My next bet for PP is a hordes "compact" faction like Convergence of Cyriss was for Warmachine. My bets are on a faction for Blighterghasts Alliance. 

Yep, different spawn from different dragons. A lot of potential there i think, and the books keeps bringing blighterghast and the alliance into the story, a lot more than either the Cephalyx or Convergence have been.  

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