Friday, 10 July 2015

Idiot burns Warhammer Fantasy army in protest of Age of Sigmar (Video)

Well, I've said some unkind things about Age of Sigmar to my friends and on forums. Mostly revolving around the delibrate efforts not to provide any form of balence to the game and the silly childish rules around dancing and staring contests.

Personally, I think AoS will make or break GW and I am interested to see how it works out. It looks like it could be a fine game for casual play between friends, if a little shallow for anything else. As a product, that's fine, not my cup of tea as I prefer my casual games to be a bit cheaper and require less effort (see Smashup), but I get the appeal it will hold for others.

But I quit Warhammer Fantasy a while back, and do you know what I did with my army? I gave it away free to a friend who was looking at getting into the hobby. I gave him 3000 points of vampire counts and said, "I ain't using them, you might as well have fun with them".

I also did this with my 30,000 point epic army, hadn't played in nearly 10 years, split it up and gave it to two people who still wanted to play (it was half marines/half imperial guard)

What I didn't do was set fire to the models while ranting for 20 minutes about Games Workshop.

Seriously, this is arguably the most infantile response I have seen to Age of Sigmar. Don't like the rules or that Warhammer Fantasy is being written out, that's fine. Sell your figs online and get some of the money you sunk into the hobby back, play old editions, get kings of war and play that, or just park your figures in a box in case Warhammer Fantasy makes a return later as a deluxe version of Age of Sigmar. Who knows what the future holds for that line.

Burning your models won't teach GW a lesson. They already have the money you spent on those figures. The only person losing out in this is the person burning the figures, hundreds of dollars up in smoke. 

Skip to 8:49 to ignore his jabbering and watch this idiot literally burning money, in a protest, that no one will give a shit about.

It's his right to burn those figures, but the only message he's sending is that he's a spoiled douche clown.



  1. Wow that's a waste! I don't play Warhammer Fantasy but I still rock the ol' Mordheim. I am amazed at this waste since the models could be appropriated for other fantasy systems, Mordheim itself, gifted or sold at a conventions bring and buy/flea market type set up. Cost is one thing but the paint job doesn't look too bad and the hours lost also hurt my soul.

    1. Pretty much anything other than setting them on fire right?

      Yep, this was nothing more than a temper tantrum

    2. Agree. A low emotional IQ perhaps? Very sad to see such expensive models go up in flames. What makes me even sadder is that he could of donated those models to someone who is keen to get into warhammer but maybe can't afford it...

    3. I'd bet money on him not having worked to get the money to buy those models. It screams "spoiled rich kid throwing a tantrum"


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