Thursday, 16 July 2015

Round two end phase - Talathen Sector Campaign

Well, we reached the end of round two and have started on round three.

The map is updated on the right, and you may notice a 4th influence colour, as a new, as yet unknown faction has appeared on Nimbala.

Mission reports

The Boneyard - Cresh squad has set up there and encountered pirates involved in a scavenging operation. Initial intelligence suggests that are looking for something of value in the boneyard.

Selano -  Rebel Operatives sucessfully bombed the site of the imperial base construction. In response, the Empire has given up building the base on the ground. 

Deep Space - The Rebel Fleet engaged two Victory Star Destroyers on a training mission. The Fleet managed to destroy one of the Victory destroyers before the other escaped. No casualties on the Rebel side, this victory has left the Imperial Fleet stunned.

Fraxan - Rebel fighters ambush a training flight at the Imperial Flight school on Fraxan, inflicting heavy losses. Imperial flight school is later relocated to Talathen Prime. 

Nimbala - Rebel Special Forces conduct a long campaign on Nimbala against Czerka assets. Esh and Besh squads are involved in different missions against Czerka infrastructure and liberating slaves. 

Axamar - Aurek squad discovers giant walking mountain monsters, and sucessfully nullify an Imperial excavation mission to ancient force ruins. 

Others - The Blockade of Luxon continues, the Empire is taking crystals from Sloitude X, A mysterious cargo docked at Axamar station, the Empire is building improved drydock facilities at Korvas and continuing a PR campaign on Talathen Prime. 

End Phase

R&D: Purchased 4 munitions failsafes and 1 engine upgrade. Also spent points on reseraching the "behomoth rock monsters" of Axamar. 

Training: Got 2 rookie pilots, upgraded 1 pilot to veteran, Purchased Tactician, Marksmanship and Weapon Liason cards. 


As head of recruitment, The people's Movement used 10 clout to preview all 6 recruits in this pool. 

First up Lt Telsij, and Excellent pilot and scientist was recruited by the People's Movement for 14 Clout. 

He was assigned as a Squadron leader. 

Gidd Lonn was next up. And while Gidd is an excellent diplomat, he does have some noticeable drawbacks. He has difficult gaining glory for being grandiose and debts make missions against crime groups more difficult.

The Luxon Militia recruited him for 15 clout and he was assigned to be liason with Rebel HQ.
Jah Doza was introduced in Operation Downfall, and is a force sensitive "hippy". A caring pacifist, he has no time for combat operations.

He was recruited by the Basra Consortium for 13 Clout and put to work as the Senior Diplomat. 

Andil Thorne was also introduced in Operation Downfall as the Chief of Staffs personal logistics officer.

A capable, if not flashy officer, he was recruited by the Republicans for 14 Clout and appointed as the new head of manufacturing in logistics. 

Jaina Koral is a capable smuggler, and a passable fleet officer as she comes with her own named CRV-90. 

A deal was struck with the people's movement that allowed the Basra Consortium to procure her services for 10 clout. She was assigned to fleet command. 

Finally, Occuddeshu is an excellent smuggler or diplomat. Outraged with the deal in the previous round, the Republicans and Luxons pooled their clout to drive the cost of her up. 

The People's movement obtained her services for 15 clout and she was assigned to the smuggling pool. 

Glory updates. 

We have a clear leader in Glory, with the Republians on top with 34 Glory. Holding both ground and fleet command has allowed them a steady stream of good Glory results. In second is the Luxon Militia with 30. 

The next update, in the next few days, will include the first battle report from round 3. Where the Rebels suffer their first tragedy. 

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