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Operation Wishbone - A mission report for the Battle for Talathen Sector

Clearance – Top Secret Delta
Mission – Operation Wishbone
ID: TSC- 000101
Reporting Officer: Major Hallarn Yarn

Mission successful – with caveats

Operational report

Mission team assembled successfully and were briefed in transit to the mission site at Samoth Paradise resort.

Our target was a young Imperial naval officer immediately out of the academy and on route to her first assignment.

The mission briefing outlined our objectives as follows

  • Travel to Samoth Paradise, a luxury resort for the rich and famous under assumed cover identities.
  • Observe the target, make a note of her mannerisms and personality
  • Obtain biological samples of the target, including a full bio-scan fingerprints and other biometrics.
  • Obtain voice recordings and background information of the target.
  • Use the advanced flesh cloning technology we had obtained to convert Agent Dana into a clone of our target
  • Capture the target and replace her with our operative.
  • Interrogate the target and obtain all security codes and personal information needed for Agent Dana to assume her identity
  • Ensure that there was no “missing time” or continuity errors between the target and her replacement.
  • Dispose of the target in a way that the replacement cannot be discovered. 

The team performed their jobs admirably, and all mission goals were achieved with the highest degree of success. The operation to replace the target with our operative was flawlessly executed, and I recommend that all of the operatives involved be commended, although noting the security of this action I understand that will not be possible.

Our cover stories and the luxury ship proved to be of excellent quality for maintain the operation as a clandestine endeavour.

Personnel reports from commanding officer.

Inomo Cle’fasa

A male twi’lek from Talathen sector, Inomo proved adept at both clandestine operations and interrogation. He has a natural ability to make people like him, and is a classic “people person”. He was well suited to this kind of operation, although he developed some attachment to our target and was an advocate of not killing her afterwards. I recommend not assigning him to tasks that require extreme measures unless a clear case can be made for them.

Ana Tola

A female Twi’lek from Nimbala, Ana did not seem prepared for clandestine operations, but showed a willingness to do what was required when it was required. She demonstrated a deep conviction to the rebellion cause and desire to complete the mission to the letter. I recommend more training in clandestine operations and recommend her for any operation.  I suspect, from our brief conversations, that her skills are more focussed on direct action.

Zorrin Vox
A human male, and older brother of Luxon Militia leader Kallista Vox. Zorrin is a soldier, first and foremost, and demonstrated a great degree of comfort in a military setting. He is also an exceptional medical officer and capably managed the cloning procedure and handling the biometric data. Issues with the cloning technology made Zorrin miss most of the clandestine operation, but his medical expertise ultimately delivered a successful outcome for the operation. I believe he could be an asset for rebel HQ, but I suspect his familial loyalties will keep him in Talathen Sector for the foreseeable future.

Oli Shim

A Mon Calamari male with a cranial computer, Oli is an unusual individual, even for a Mon Cal. I believe he has some form of dissociation disorder, as he has very little empathy or understanding of personal interactions. With that said, his expertise in computer engineering and his attention to detail was invaluable to the mission. I admire his thoroughness and professionalism, but he would need to operate with others to avoid arousing suspicion with his social awkwardness.

Crin Dollos

A human male from Corellia, Crin is a bit of a freebooter and was in an Alliance jail cell for minor acts of disobedience before this mission.  Crin is an expert pilot and mechanic, but what stood out during the operation was his commitment to getting to understand the target and play his cover role exceedingly well. Crin has a finely developed sense of justice, and his feelings towards the outcome of the mission were very negative. While he did his job admirably, he felt a deep sense of remorse and betrayal when we had to complete our mission. Like Inomo, I do not recommend assigning him to tasks that require extreme measures unless an excellent rationale can be established.

Commander’s recommendations

This sort of operation goes against a lot of the principles that the rebellion was founded on. The target was revealed, under interaction and interrogation to be a rebel sympathizer with no history of violence or criminal activity. For all intents and purposes we destroyed the life of an innocent for the potential gain of intelligence information.

While the initial mission guidelines I received strongly recommended terminating the target one the operation was over, I could not in good conscience follow those orders.

It is my recommendation that the target, Jenna Ken, be allowed to live on an alliance safe world for the duration of the conflict, or until our agents mission is over.  I believe that disposing of this innocent girl would amount to a war crime, and I want no part in that. I have given my word to the operatives involved that no harm will come to her.

It is also my recommendation that this style of operation be suspended immediately pending a review.

I understand that difficult decisions must be made during war, but operations like this undermine the core values of the rebellion.  

Major Hallarn Yarn
Alliance Intelligence
RV – 7019929

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